Edward Stachura

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es_0001 8 KB  During freshman year in Lublin 193x258
es_0002 25 KB  At The Tenth Anniversary Stadium (Warsaw) 354x540
es_0003 13 KB   333x395
es_0004 15 KB  In Mexico, 1969-70 343x319
es_0005 20 KB  In Mexico, 1970 348x523
es_0006 24 KB  In Syria, 1971 368x410
es_0007 22 KB   422x331
es_0008 26 KB  With Maria Potęgowa, in Aleksandrów 351x469
es_0009 23 KB   418x316
es_0010 22 KB  In front of the parents' home in Alexandrów 423x324
es_0011 7 KB   170x207
es_0012 31 KB  Probably in Leżachów 640x480
es_0013 28 KB  With Jan Czopik-Lażachowski 410x632
es_0014 18 KB  With Wacław Potoczek 416x343
es_0015 16 KB  With Krystyna Cybińska 418x296
es_0016 20 KB  With mother, Jadwiga Stachura, c.1969 318x396
es_0017 9 KB   183x289
es_0018 21 KB  First text written by ES with the left hand 422x321
es_0019 18 KB  Probably in Jarosław 339x555
es_0020 24 KB   386x561
es_0021 19 KB   362x558
es_0022 18 KB   383x562
es_0023 23 KB   375x558
es_0024 23 KB  In the library in Iława 376x560
es_0025 14 KB   700x1004
es_0026 8 KB  With Charles Aznavour 215x282
es_0027 5 KB  With wife, Zyta, 1968 157x214
es_0028 26 KB   640x480
es_0029 29 KB   640x465
es_0030 37 KB   640x457
es_0031 29 KB  With Charles Aznavour 640x457
es_0032 48 KB   640x433
es_0033 30 KB  With Krystyna Cybińska 640x452
es_0034 32 KB   640x453
es_0035 37 KB   640x455
es_0036 23 KB  In Leżachów 640x448
es_0037 35 KB   600x853
es_0038 29 KB   640x453
es_0039 97 KB  Manuscript of "A Letter to the Remaining" (1) 640x921
es_0039 104 KB  Manuscript of "A Letter to the Remaining" (2) 640x907
es_0039 105 KB  Manuscript of "A Letter to the Remaining" (3) 640x905

I am grateful to Ms. Justyna Styszyńska for providing me with a copy of the manuscript of "A Letter to the Remaining" and photographs from the family archive.